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There Is No Such Thing as Unconditional Love

Posted Sep 15 2010 12:00am

I used to say that I loved unconditionally.  That is a total lie.  At least now I know it.

There is no such thing as “Unconditional Love.”  Why should there be? How could there be? There are conditions to everything in life.  What would make love an exception?

When I love someone, I give a lot of myself.  A lot.  In fact, that’s probably why I thought I’ve loved so “unconditionally” in the past.  However, I’ve needed someone to hit me over the head with a sledgehammer to clue me in to what is really the truth.  My wants and desires come with a price tag, just like everyone else’s.

Illusions aren’t what they are for no reason, either.  Every magician knows the secret behind the tricks.  PA has just pulled a rabbit out of her own hat.

Now something for MP3 of the Moment.  I give you:

“I Don’t Understand Anything” by Everything But The Girl

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