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The way you measure something is not the thing it measures

Posted Dec 03 2012 4:30am

The way you measure something is not the thing it measures.  No matter what you are called you are not what you are called.  No matter what you are like you are not the thing you are like. 

It seems so clear to me and so common sense it astounds me how often people dont seem to understand that.  The consequences of not realizing this are extreme.  It seems in life people with a lot of power always have an investment in trying to convince people with no power that they are what they are called.  It is the key to keeping their power.

When the basis of that power is some supposed knowledge that only you or people “like you” have part of keeping power is in setting things up to confirm that indeed you know things that others just dont know.  Power is kept most efficiently when you are able to frame anyone who disagrees with your  claim to unique knowledge as somehow ignorant or lacking in judgement because they disagree with you. 

When you believe what you call someone is what they are that name becomes the justification for how you treat them.  Some of the most horrible things in history have their basis in what one group of people called another.

It can be cloaked in all kinds of scientific or political mumbo jumbo, but regardless of how you explain it or prove it the act of reducing anyone to the label or name you pin on them is an act of violence towards that person.

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