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The Two Pint Trigger?

Posted Jul 27 2008 12:00am

Not that it’s a “trigger” per se?

I’m getting tired of this.  I know, you all might be too? *wry grin*

I decided to get up, go out and finally use my legs after being laid up for a week.  I grabbed baby MacBook and went out to one of my local pubs.  Not to worry, kids.  No getting trashed or anything.

Hmmm…  Two pints…  Oddly reminiscent of Tuesday night and whatever the hell happened there! What I deemed to have been “The Big Ass Simple Partial Motor Seizure?” Yes, I think that is what I called it?

You see, I am indeed getting a bit tired of trying to figure out my bloody “idiotpathic” seizures.  I can’t even be arsed to check my blog for the accuracy of what I said! Now that tells you something because I am precise as all hell about things like that!

After the same amount, I started to get some twitchy, trunk spasms.  Was sending texts to lovely “Researcher” all the while and “Fumbly Fingers” finally gave up and just called her on her damn mobile to make life a bit easier.  “Hi, Love.  I’m fine but what gives with this stupid ass bullshit? Pretty bizzarro, don’tcha think?”

Now, I have been Google’ing my sorry butt off and the majority of conflicting bogroll “documentation” out there is all to do with alcohol withdrawal seizures and not alcohol induced seizures.  Maybe something about lowering your threshold (which is different than a trigger–it just makes you more susceptible–fine line.)  It has long been debated and stated that some (or a lot of–or all!) people with Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders can not drink.  However, a lot (the most), of what I am reading says they can in moderation.  Who’s to say?

Probably only the folks who seize and drink and then seize.

There are no decent studies.  It is so poorly understood.  Just like my “idiotpathic” seizures anyway?

So, it couldn’t have been withdrawal.  “The Big Ass?” Well, okay.  The last time I did drink prior, “fell” (yuk, yuk), within a 72 hour period? But a withdrawal seizure occurs when you are not drinking.  Correct me if I am wrong? Not when you do.  That’s the difference between it being “induced.”  After not drinking for an ENTIRE WEEK (and that’s probably a long stretch for me these days?) I didn’t seize!

Not to mention stress, my funkified sleep schedule of late, maybe screwy diet (that’s been going on since what seems time immemorial with the gastro wackiness anyway…)  Gee, what else can I add in there?

Fuck this shit.  I give up.  *PA tosses confetti in air*

This is becoming a goddamn, piss-wipe, roundabout, go-shove-a-poll-up-it, pain.

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