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The Strep Throat From Hades

Posted Jul 05 2010 12:00am
Yes! I am still alive. I've had the strep throat from Hades for the last week and a half,I'm on Penicillin, lots of fluids and ice cream. I lost my voice, and ran a fever between 101-104 most of the time as well. So no writing, computer, just lying in bed listening to talk radio and reading a trilogy of books my friend RPJ got me hooked on. The "Aztec" series by Gary Jennings, which I hear may be turned into a mini series by either HBO or Shotime. Lots of sex, and lots of violence..... all it needs is some rock....

Here is a picture of the elevated roads the Aztecs used to enter the city of Tenochititlan. Think of it. While in the same time during the Middle Ages in Europe, people were dropping like flies from the Black Plague, the Aztecs were building these cities and causeways......I do love history.

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