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The Sleep Disorder Vanishes

Posted Nov 05 2008 4:07pm

This is just ridiculous. It’s 11pm and I’m getting tired. I’ll be going to bed after I finish writing this. Nine days ago, it was 11pm and I was getting tired. In between I’ve skipped my melatonin twice - once because I went out drinking for a friend’s birthday and yesterday because I wanted to watch the US election results as they happened. It’s been a crazy busy week. Last Wednesday I did my usual volunteer thing. On Thursday I was at the city archives learning how to do archive searches for people in the cemetery. Saturday was the birthday thing, followed by lunch and the journey home. Monday was more archive stuff. Tuesday I ended up going to the dental hospital because I was able to move my appointment forward (the actual surgey will be taking place in a month). Today I did my usual volunteering. Tomorrow I have a GP appointment and yet more archive stuff. Friday seems to be free.

And despite all of this, my sleep patterns remain stable. I’ve been able to manage the occasional mis-step (I made myself get up at a reasonable time today, despite not getting to bed until after Obama’s victory speech, which was about 5am GMT). Three things to wake up for in a row would have made me feel awful. There’s been a whole week of these things and I’m feeling fine. It’s just ridiculous.

2mg melatonin every night at 8pm and my sleep problems completely disappear. I’m sleeping like a normal person. The only side-effect I’ve noticed is a mild headache if I stay up late after taking my pill. And maybe that’s just how tiredness should feel.

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