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The Power of Horses

Posted Jul 29 2009 12:00am

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t…

…get back up on its saddle and ride on it.

I had a horse almost fall on me.  It was quite the ornery thing.

I was at a kids birthday party and they had planned for all of us to go horseback riding.  Well, they chose this one for me (a mare–go figure) who wasn’t too many hands high.  In fact, I think they had to keep them all pretty low as we were just children, correct? Even still.

As soon as I got on this horse, not good.  She bucked and threw wee PA off, straight onto her back.  Someone rushed in quickly, scooped her up and out of harm’s way in case she got trampled.  A horse stomping on you could kill you.  Or at least cause some serious permanent damage?

From that day onward, I was frightened to death of horses! I think in my 20s, at some point, I managed to actually get close to one again.  Ah, yes.  I was trying to get over that fear and the lure of riding one along a beach, beside stunningly, beautiful ocean waters was too much to resist.  It sounds cliche but I assure you, it was a great environment for me to get over my phobia.

I still think about riding horses.  They are such beautiful creatures.  Not to mention so strong, powerful and extremely intelligent ones, too.  Don’t ever fool yourselves about that last one.  It’s absolutely the truth.  And because of all of those features , you can’t do much at all in the order of trying to…

…lead them to water and…

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