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The Plague the Plague!

Posted Nov 05 2009 10:00pm
Oh gods I'm plague not the piggy, but the common cold (I think) sniffling but not runny nose, more clogged and refusing to allow air to pass, the occasional sneezing and coughing. Gods please misery, me out of now huh? *sniff*

I am days behind in my NaNo, I am actually many thousands of words behind and at my present rate will need to write close to 3000 words a day to keep up. Also whilst looking back on said words I then realise that I hate it, it is chick lit, CHICK LIT! which I despise and should may as well shoot myself just for producing such utter rot. *sniff sniff* Owww my head, my eyes hurt, why couldn't I just think up some nice fiction, maybe some sci fi, invent my own lil world a la Pratchett and murder a couple of thousand people and then be caught by intergalatic warriors, bounty-hunters even and be beheaded in front of cheering yeah that has been overdone hasn't it, very French revolution meet Hitler meet Chronicles of Riddick (which is the only show I could think of right now with bounty hunters, Oh wait Star wars had bounty hunters didn't it and Critters)...which now thinking about it is not actually...nah.

Anyway eyes hurt so I am off the pc, going to redrug myself and go lie in a darkened room and ponder the meaning of chick lit flowing effortlessly out of my little fluffy heathen head. Or maybe I'll just rub myself down with vicks and moan, sniffle and try to draw breath before passing out...yeah that sounds more like it
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