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The most severe form of mental illness

Posted Aug 28 2011 11:28pm 1 Comment

The most severe form of mental illness is “political correctness.” Those who have it suffer from delusions and ideas of reference. They are convinced that people are against them. They are convinced that people are always talking about them. They believe themselves the victim of untold plots and dangers. They are willing to sacrifice relationships and deny accountability for any damage their behavior brings with it. Their perceptions are rigid and largely resistant to change. They think they have special knowledge and if everyone was as good as them it would be a great place to live. They know that will never happen though and life will be miserable, but are ever determined to fight against bad things and bad people.

In one way or another most of us are afflicted with this disease. I have know idea how many lives are ruined by it, how many die or what kind of money it costs our economy. I have a feeling much of it is beyond measure.

I saw a small blow against political correctness the other day and it was really neat. I was in a NAMI support group and as NAMI support groups too frequently do the subject got around to criticizing the consumers that the “caregivers” in the group had to live with. Some of them had geniunely went through hell. But one lady in the corner sat quietly and you could tell she was getting madder and madder. Finally she spoke quietly. “What about me….All I hear is how bad and impossible to live with the mentally ill are. In my house I am the one given the hard time. I am the one whose feelings are always hurt. I try to do the right things but it never matters….” She went on but her point was made. And what was neater even the people in the group apologized to her. No story is the story. Stereotypes are always cruel and shortsighted. Political correctness is never correct.

It really should be in the DSM. It makes a lot more sense than many things that are in there now.

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I've encountered a similar manner while living in a co op. All I ever heard was how much it damaged other people to accomodate my (like laxity in paying rent on time in case I was severely depressed or manic). It went on and on about how I was the cause of all this suffering and pain, but there wasn't a time where someone reflected on how difficult it is to try everyday and fail to live up to expectations. And that I was going through hell and trying my best to minimize the damage on others. But those attempts were simply thought of as not good enough, that I should have been able to contain everything. It was a very dark moment in my life that I'm glad to have escaped.
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