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The eagle announced on Smith to ban: his words hurt the team

Posted Jan 18 2013 3:29am
Hawks general manager Danny - fuller announced today that they decided to general team josh Smith for a one-match ban, the reason is "their words and deeds to the team harmful". In addition to the suspension, hawks on Smith some cash penalties, but fuller refused to disclose the specific details of the punishment, according to Smith I said he was punished because he competitive spirit too strong, said some inappropriate words. Hawks are not beautiful, the past 7 games, old they lost one Nike Shox Deliver Mens of the six games. Smith said to his current team is very depressed, but also refused to reveal what he really said. About suspension, fuller says already and Smith on the communication, the latter says it is willing to accept the lesson: "I have a discuss and josh, he can understand and accept the punishment. We are very confident he will make a positive response to this matter, he will go to and take lessons, taking on a new look to lead the team to move on." This year 27 years old this season Smith averaged can get the highest 16.5 points and 2.3 BPG. In addition, 8.3 rebounds and 3.7 assists. In 2008, he signed a five-year, $58 million contract, the summer is about to expire, now he was involved in a number of trade rumors. Grizzlies saw the guy to return after back to the starting lineup. Duncan and parker after start to send force, they close cut 7 points rate team with 11-6 start. Pau gasol and guy force to get 5 points tied, 15 flat even after guy with 4 points, lando husband jumper, grizzlies with 21-15 lead. Jackson and parker each get two points for gay buckle score, baylor, jumper at the end of the first quarter, the grizzlies in 25 - and lead. Guy Nike Shox Deliver Womens single day get 10 points. Early in the second quarter on the two teams DuiGongZhan, Jackson and Neil 3-pointer respectively, a wave of 12-3 counterattack climax to the SAN Antonio spurs in the first five points at 55 seconds with 42 - and win 4 points. Lando husband even get 5 points, green hit three points, dior layup inroads, the SAN Antonio spurs remain 4 points advantage. Allen two free throws, baylor, basket, grizzlies before halftime with 21.3 seconds left to 54 flat, lai nade retaliate with three points, the SAN Antonio spurs - 54 lead into three points at halftime. SAN Antonio's Tim Duncan had 13 points in the first half, dior had 12 points, parker get 6 points and six assists; Grizzlies guy had 14 points and five rebounds, lando husband get 9 points, KangLi get eight points. Guy's turnaround jumper began to the third quarter, lai nade and green each into a record three points, they rate team hit 12-2 attack wave, the SAN Antonio spurs opened the advantage into double figures. Pau gasol two singles success, KangLi Nike Shox Qualify Mens two free throws, this section has four points 45 seconds grizzlies tied it at 66-73. Parker two jumper, lai nade hit three points, they lead the SAN Antonio spurs pulled away again. Guy two penalty one, Neil breakthrough jumper, the first session of the ZhanBa spurs to a 82-69 lead. Parker rate team to 6-2 attack wave began to the fourth quarter, the SAN Antonio spurs 88-71 lead. Allen hit three points success, parker retaliation for 3 points, three points in the Jackson, a wave of eight - 1 small high tide for the SAN Antonio spurs in this section more than half 96-75 lead. Bates and pau gasol, are two penalty one, Duncan complement button score, mills, three points in the final 1 minute 35 seconds the SAN Antonio spurs 103-79 lead. The grizzlies already unable lack of power, the two sides do sent substitute, the SAN Antonio spurs 103-82 win. The first section 59 seconds before the end of Douglas hit three points, the rockets finally break scoring drought. In addition to had 12 rebounds outside, never too shot-blocking made o the game also sent two hot pot. Mike James spell with hard into the basket, but was already waiting for Turkey god tower, it will Nike Shox Qualify Womens be a slap in the face of the racket from afar; By half before the end of may, KeLiSen step after breakthrough defense before empty, but made o as teleport help in place, it is a racket will out. The boss Cuban reveal to the outside, dirk nowitzki to now only a eighty percent recovery capability, this is true, so far he is averaging only 13.3 points and 5.0 rebounds for the rockets, though he said they want to retire in Dallas, but at the current situation, he can do is very limited.
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