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The Date Pt 2 & 3

Posted Oct 01 2008 8:53pm
So remember I told you about the date?

Well, since then, there's been two others - last Thursday and last night.

On one hand, I spend too much time with him and his friends (7:30pm - 4am).

On the other hand, I've been living the life of a 70 year old, and want to have fun.

When we hang out, we're over at his partner's loft.

He's a Sr. VP for a Brokerage firm.

28, Guyanese, great dresser, and thank God, NOT CHEAP!

He's so cool, funny, nice smile and eyes, nice hands (huge deal for me). Is it weird that I can guess-timate exactly what people's feet look like from their hands?

I can. Honest.

We dance and karaoke to Itunes, eat, drink (yup drink, Amaretto Sour and last night I had Red Wine. Wait, no need for the lecture, I am not on meds when I'm drinking).

He always tells me to "relax, you're with me."

He doesn't try to make me drink or go over my limit.

His friends adore me, and are funny as hell. Anyway, I have such a great time with him, so what's the problem.

Well as quirky as he is too, if this bip sh*t continues, I'm gonna need to have the conversation.


I don't think he'll care but still.

In my head, Bip is as bad as "hey, I have herpes simplex 29, and it's never going away".

Well at least you can't catch bip.
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