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The Capricorn girl friends admire or supra owen uk dislike their sanity because with

Posted Jan 21 2013 6:53am
At this time, the collapse of the Zerg base has been completed, the initial state of the Zerg base turned into a tattoo is attached to the top of my left arm, and then, the sky suddenly gathered from a dark thundercloud, flashing strange Leiguang suddenly the nine children arm thickness Leiguang of Xu rushed down, hitting the strange over with a strong flow of electrons directly pierced the barrier of space, open a silver channel leading to another direction, whiz to suck me into it, at this moment, a sobering feeling filled my body. I am a Si Ming Wu.Heartless world, and things as straw dogs, sage heartless people as straw dogs. Positions of privilege, this rule can not be changed, then, to try to make a life as straw dogs positions of power to it ... ... "Capricorn girls, have been confused for their own pride, regret, regret it, it is a feeling. Do not like, like, another supra s1w uk strange and normal they do not understand. Capricorn girls in the memories of the past, she has done a lot to do but did not do, not to do but to do, knowing that to do a certain thing will regret. About face, a sore loser, and the stubborn little stupid they do not understand.

Capricorn girls love a coward. They do not know where to go through everything, like silently wait and see. Know what they want, but like opening; know what they want, but do not like the performance. Bother others more trouble, fear of commitment. For them, the responsibility of one but bear can not give up or fail, the pursuit of the perfect lead never perfect. The Capricorn girl friends admire or supra owen uk dislike their sanity, because with some feeling disillusioned, this is not pretend, was born. May be exaggerated, but true. They do not know is not the case, I was very clear right or wrong, the judgment of right and wrong for them is very simple, just sometimes afraid he wants to, for fear of even their own can not stand their own practice, they do not want to make their own arbitrary presumptuous, do not want to move even the brain. Capricorn girl could not understand a lot of things, including sometimes their own.
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