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The Apple cheaper version of iPhone will be released along with iPhone 5S

Posted Apr 27 2013 9:48am

According to foreign media reports, the Tactus hfc55 Neptune mobile device shell manufacturer published a picture on Wednesday, Apple cheaper version of iPhone that will be released this year that may just be using the plastic casing.

Neptune recently disclosed under www.hfc55 market news that Apple may introduce a slightly thicker than the current versions of the iPhone, the price is cheaper, the use of plastic materials the production of iPhone. Tactus announced that suspected a cheap version of iPhone pictures seem to confirm this rumor.

But it is not yet clear whether the pictures released by the Tactus, which was real, and it also did not explain how it got the shell of the cheaper version of the iPhone. According to informed sources, the thickness of new and cheaper version of the iPhone will be a little thicker than Apple iPhone's products, and length and width is different from the current version of the iPhone. While Apple may have a plastic iPhone sometime this year, but it is nothing to do with the upcoming release of Microsoft's new flagship.

Apple may be released the earliest iPhone5 follow-up products in the summer of this year. Market rumored that the product name will be iPhone5S, its processor and graphics processor will have escalated, and may be equipped with a larger screen. If iPhone 5S will use a big screen, so we can not use bling iPhone 5 cases to dress up the new iPhone. The iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S are not the same with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, because the iPhone 4 cases is compatible with 4S, so you can cute iPhone 4 cases to match the 4S.

Apple has not confirmed the news, it also did not disclose what kind of company is developing a new product. Face competition from Samsung Smartphone Android camp, we see the Smartphone market that Apple has made more demands. Over the years, Apple is showing on a flagship high-end product to consumers, but not everyone can afford such high fees. Maybe in the eyes of Apple, the profit is everything, but more and more, the fact that market share is also shaping the brand image is the cornerstone.

Since the message after the burst of the cheapest iPhone, Neptune, said www.looop88, a senior market analyst White Plains believes that Apple will launch two new iPhone in July, including iPhone5S and cheap iPhone. So presumably is mainly based on Apple's release of a series of initiatives the results of last year. From iPhone4S years published the year before, last year, iPhone5, iPadmini, iPad4 shortening release cycles. Distributed with the Apple can make the two devices is not possible. But we still have to worry about, cheap iPhone might affect sales of high-end iPhone5S?

Citigroup Global Securities recently released a new research report, which clearly states that the next generation of Apple iPhone to new Mac (or iPhone 5S) will be officially released in September this year, and rumors for quite some time "cheaper version of the iPhone" a new advent of the machines synchronized.

If the rumors are true, then there is good China Mobile users--Citigroup said, iPhone 5S and cheaper version of the iPhone will have the TD-SCDMA version, published at the end of September (or the beginning of October).

It was also revealed, in tablets, Apple's fifth-generation iPad and Apple iPad mini 2 rumors for quite some time will be officially released in September or October this year.

Previously we heard had some rumors, which pointed out that Apple or will "early" in June publishing new, but later Apple CEO Cook hinted and not launched new in September, while this meet Apple of new publishing "practice", but we also know time ranging people, after all large Android high-end flagship opportunities in this several months of time in occupation market, to last, left Apple new machine of market on not more has. Like HTC and Samsung Galaxy S4 One has not only launched a fierce competition in the realm of Android, and the target of Apple fans.

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