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Tentatively pokes head in

Posted Jan 08 2013 8:21pm

Wow I have been a naughty girl being away so long. Pity I don't know if I am sticking around or just doing a yearly flyby.

Turmoil and again more turmoil in my life. I was just re reading some posts and realise that that path I embarked upon 4 years ago has always been a rocky one, full of twists and bumps and of some major upheavals that make me wonder who am I that I willingly put myself through this time and again.

I'm still alive, that's the single most amazing thing about this. I really did not expect to be, especially after that December. Ah well but so it goes.

I've not only made my bed but laid down in it and then proceeded to set it ablaze.

I shall take the scraps and take them willingly because the alternative...

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