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Teeth / Sperm

Posted Dec 05 2008 3:11pm

My wisdom tooth is gone. The process was incredibly painless. Seriously, the most painful bit was the injection(s) of anaesthetic. And they weren’t much more than a pinch. In between the injection and the extraction, my oral surgeon and I chatted about bipolar disorder - her brother is also bipolar. So that was kind of interesting. The extraction itself took all of twenty seconds. I walked home, ate some food, and waited for the pain to hit as the numbness wore off. But it’s definitely not numb now and, other than some mild discomfort, it seems fine.

So my dental stuff is finished for the moment. From now on it’ll just be regular check-ups.

I have to go and produce a sperm sample next week. I get the feeling it’s going to be fairly surreal, but when the results are back (probably before Christmas) I’ll know whether I’m fertile, infertile or somewhere in between. Apparently you’re not supposed to, uh, deplete the stocks in the four days before. It’s really weird to look at your calendar to see a note that says “No ejaculation until sperm sample!”

Everything else is going well. I have to fill out various forms relating to benefits, which is kind of annoying. But everything else is going well. Obviously I had the day off work today, but I’m still enjoying it and will be back on Monday. I’m still doing my charity stuff, which is fun.

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