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Struggles of the mathematical kind

Posted Jan 05 2010 2:42pm
I will be the first person to admit that I am horrible at maths, in fact if I may be so bold at least 85% of my family is horrid at maths, so it should be no great surprise to me that Spawn type is likewise cursed.

We, as a family tend to be stronger in english and comprehension than we are at anything mathematical and naturally I did not do any research on the Spousal's side of the family before becoming impregnated by him so sadly we don't even have a math scholar on his side as backup..curses! Damn you Gene pool. Note to the young and starry eyed out there...DO YOUR DAMN RESEARCH! JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU'RE IN LOVE THAT IS NO REASON TO REPRODUCE WITH HIM... *cough* oh sorry where was I?

Right so here we are, just a couple of months away from one of the most important moments in her life and we are floundering in the math department. I am doing my best not to stress her out (too much) but we are not going down without a fight damnit! She may not be thankful now but I am hoping that in the years of resentment to follow (actually from the look on her face right now I'm thinking that resentment has started) that she will appreciate what I am trying to do for her in these next few months.

So a test paper a night, complete with corrections done same night
Extra lessons at school and extra lessons on weekends

This is my arsenal, its a battle field out there to get into a good secondary school, competition is harsh so she really has to be pulled up out of this mathematical hole that she is in right now. Truthfully I would be ecstatic with any one of the four choices that we put down, realistically I know that if she does not make the grade for any one of those four, chances are that she can be "zoned" and end up in one of those schools. There is nothing really wrong with "those" schools, I know quite a few people who went through the system there and are great successes, its all in the attitude of the child but the stories about the others who go there...the bad apples that spoil the lot, the scandals, the fighting, the sex videos being passed around on cell phones, the stories of the teachers who either don't give a damn or the male teachers who want to give too much of a damn about your innocent girl children is scary and you don't want your "baby" exposed to that sooner than she needs to be.

So yes, struggles, worries, ill tempered child who resents you, this is it though, these are our last few (not even few) months to pull ourselves together. Its tough being 11 and wanting to be in la la land while your parents and everyone else around you expect you to be more responsible.

And with this comes the damage control, let me away and do some...she is not a happy Spawnlet at the moment
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