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stopping abilify cold in a 15 year old

Posted by nonnie

she has been taking 10mg of abilify at night with 20mg of celexa in am. for 3 months. went to treatment attempted suicide, diag bi polar (both parents). i am having trouble with insurance approving it monthly and she has been without one night. what will happen if i can't get it again and she has to stop? help!!!! grandmother and guaridan
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If there is a generic form of either of these they will substitute and they will work just as well.   If insurance wonn't approve, doctor may prescribe something that comes in generic form and insurance will pay for.  Taper off slowly and make sure you have other meds. to start her on immediately.  Or by being her grandmother you might get other help paying for these meds.  She has to be provided with meds if she is bi-polar.
If you live in the U.S., the generic version isn't available there because of a patent that hasn't expired in the U.S. yet. You could order it online from another country that does have the generic. I think sounded good to me. from what I've heard about them, they only ship from reputable pharmacies and have good reviews. Just to make sure, though, you should do some research on the reviews yourself. You do need proof of a prescription to order from them, which also adds to how reputable they seem to me. You could try it. there are cheaper rates for some medications in other countries and even cheaper for generics. DO NOT stop cold turkey. The withdrawal with be very very bad.
Your prescribing physician should know of patient assistance programs, or you could try the community/county. Here's what you can expect:
  • emotional withdrawal
  • poor rapport
  • passive apathetic withdrawal
  • difficulty in abstract thinking
  • lack of spontaneity/flow of conversation
  • stereotyped thinking
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