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Stim! Stim! Stim!

Posted Dec 05 2009 12:00am

There was some talk between myself and others hanging around Twitter the other day, about stimming on lights.  Well, to any Aspie/Autie, hell…anyone on the Spectrum, stimming on lights is not news!

PA loves to stim on lights! Lots of other shiny objects, too! PA loves to stim on a lot of other things, but for the sake of brevity, let’s just leave it at lights for now?

PA is also a very bad girl when it comes to toys! Very bad! There are times when you can take her into Toy Stores, and she might actually need to be restrained!!!

I have been wanting to toss up this Post on my blog for a little while now and tonight, I barely managed to get the shots done! My battery was dying and I didn’t even have enough time to futz around with a tripod or…  I did them by hand and surprisingly, they turned out alright? I think? Hey, maybe even better without a ‘pod as you get more of a “stimmy effect!” *grins*

So, okay everybody! Let’s Stim! Stim! Stim!

Who Likes Blue?!?!

Who Likes Blue?!?!

This is my “Fibre Optic Fountain!” It’s sitting atop a bunch of other stacked, electronic stuff so it’s sort of like a “Geek Monument.”

Of course, it’s a total “Spazzy Asperger’s Monument,” too. *laughing*

Okay, hang on for these babies.  I’m lucky I didn’t give myself a Photic Seizure shooting the pics here.


But wait! There’s more!

Are you transfixed yet…?

*PA at peace*

I’m sorry, but I just have to say that I love the above picture…

And finally…this one may be a bit blurry, but we on the Spectrum don’t care how blurry our eyes get–not when it comes to shiny and pretty things!

Now, you all may be wondering what is this thing? What could it possibly be that generates all of this beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous, outstanding, brilliant, shiny goodness?!

Well, it is this:

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