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Step 5

Posted Jun 28 2011 12:00am

“We admitted to God, ourselves, and others the exact nature of our wrongs.”
I pretty much don’t see how trying to admit something to God without admitting it to myself first is possible. If I don’t see it, then how am I to tell God about it? I told a friend one time, “I have got these ‘wrongs’ I need to do something about.” She replied, “Admitting them to yourself first, then your confession to a power greater than yourself.” I think I get that. If I don’t believe I have pursued a wanton environment for myself, harmed others, or lived without belief in Him, I find admission without priority.
For me, others help me see the depravity of my soul. Then, the circumstances of my life make it clear. Finally, when I submit myself to a higher power, seeking Him to provide me with the course of his will, I find large to small areas needing direct attention.
Coming clean with others is where I find accountability. Before the accounts are reconciled, I am usually able to receive grace and mercy. I find that many of those I am in relationship with have the same issues. This lengthens our relationship and always pursuing each other keeps our souls more clean. Telling someone else my deepest wrongs keeps humility strengthened. This humility always brings me back to Step 4, “Turning my life to God’s care.”
I can’t let up on myself. I can’t just stay “halfway there.” I have to be aware. This drives me straight to overcoming my weaknesses and remaining on the path of recovery.

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