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Something Is Awry?

Posted Apr 28 2008 12:00am

I shall start backward to begin. I came home and went to the bathroom and I heard a weird, ticking sort of sound. I do not have auditory hallucinations and it wasn’t raining outside. I stopped. Frozen. And waited.

Then the heat came on. I couldn’t hear! Then the fridge started running! I couldn’t hear!

I ran into all of the other rooms (haha, in my minute flat) to see if the sound/s were coming from somewhere else. No. Only in the bathroom. Finally, heat…fridge…everything went silent and back to the bathroom.

*PA listens*

…something?…but the cadence is different…absolutely…or maybe you had never even heard it before…?…that’s the trick…or can be…maybe…because now it’s different…so you don’t know what the fuck because you thought you heard something before that may have sounded like that, even though you have never heard something like that before in your life and when you get a chance to listen again?

Totally different.

I ran outside in my slippers to see if something was happening from the upstairs tenant’s flat. Again, I could hear something, “up there” but I couldn’t see anything.

I don’t know. Hallucinations were never part of my repertoire. I suppose that is not to say that they couldn’t become so in the future.

And fuck. This was just me coming home from my night. Some things are awry?

PA messed in head.

I don’t know if I’ll blog all about it or not tomorrow/later. I think I just need some sleep now, maybe some kind of rest if I can get it? This post is/was enough for now, I think.

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