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someone to share my feelings with

Posted Aug 07 2010 5:45pm

The lonliness and isolation of being bi-polar has hit me so hard today that I feel that each step is a great burden.  I actually sat down beside my husband and tried to explain just how extreme the loneliness and he tried to start an argument.  I walked away and he followed and I walked away again telling him how I could get if I went into a rage.  I avoided him, but he kept repeating, what about me!  What about me!  I know that he is losing out too, but I just wish that someone could see the suffering that I am going though too.  As far as trying to reach him, I gave up.  I went back into my safe place where he cann't hurt me any more.

I am so alone, there is nobody that I can sit down beside of that will reach out and take my hand and say that they are going through the same pain.  Nobody to say that they feel the same kind of loneliness and know how bad it really feels.  How I long for a friend that is going through the same thing that I am so that we could reach out and give comfort to each other when needed.  There are lots of people to say they sympathize with us, but I want someone who has walked the same path that I have and not only offers me sympathy but somebody I can give sympathy back to when they need me.  

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