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Slippery, Slippery Slopes of Green

Posted Aug 24 2008 12:00am

One would think that the day after one writes a note to onesself that one would take one's medicine on time...of course not.

One would also think that after having remembered that one had forgotten to take one's meds the day before that one would do everything in one's power to remember to bring the meds to work with one...again...of course not.

One is a tit

Now, truth be told I did not take the depakote the night before as I had planned on going for my blood test early the next morning, which also meant that I did not need the morning dose as well right. Common sense would dictate that I could have brought the damned thing to work and taken it after the blood test. Naturally as I take all my meds at the same time it also meant that I neglected to take the lamictal that morning as well.

So did I go for the blood test? Course not! Why would I do a responsible thing like that? I mean it would only tell me if the valporate levels are too high or if my doctor can go ahead and give me a higher dose so that my mania would be better managed and maybe I could get off of the damned lamictal and not have to rely on two mood stablizers when one would do. Why would I want a thing like that?

Luckily I recognise this particular slippery slope that I am on. First I neglect to take it the one day, I forget to take it the second, third, forth and by the fifth I remember and then the post below to future self applies. I did remember the lamictal last night though, there is just so much body pain even the most dedicated of masochist can handle.

This morning's sarcasm brought to you by the letter S

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