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Simple Partial Seizure Information Needed Please

Posted Aug 30 2008 12:00am

NOTE: If I seized, I may be Postictal right now so I will try to proof this as well as I can…as ahead…new seizure pattern…  ‘Geez…if?  Oh, man…what else did my body do…a voodoo dance? *sigh*

I could look this up and I will.  Later.  However, I need to make my Blog365 post for “today” and this just happened so it’s appropriate and…

…well, a lot of other factors.

I suppose if I am Postictal tomorrow then I may know just what the hell happened (not again…how many now in the past while…!)

So, being the diligent “Researcher” I am, I may find some answers? I would still like to hear from anyone else out there who may have experienced the same thing.  Or anything similar?

Now, one of my typical “Simple Partial” deals is rapid eye blinking.  Yes, very typical.  So there was some of that while I was out.  I was concerned that it would proceed to something more but it didn’t.  I did leave the “public space” when I had my recent “Kiss the Pavement” Simple Partial Motor–good god that was major–and very new for me!

When I got home tonight, it was like my body just started to let loose.  And yet, with Simple Partials, you are aware, conscious (and yet, can become somewhat altered but I wasn’t.)

The question I want to ask is, for anyone out there who has had a Simple Partial Motor Seizure, when your body is really going, have you felt pain? Have you felt the spasms and the shaking? Have you felt it really hurt? Because that is what happened to me tonight.  And that is new too!

Good lord.  I shot an email off to someone and said… “Well, I guess if I end up Postictal, I’ll know for sure?” Just what the bloody hell? And that’s another thing.  I’ve never had these 48-72 hour Postictal states! Even after the Complex Partial I had last December I got up and went to work the next day.

So again, if anyone has ever experienced pain during a Simple Partial Motor Seizure, I would really like to hear about your experience/s.

Thanks…Tired and Sore PA.

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