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Posted Sep 22 2011 5:38pm

A human tragedy is unfolding in Arizona of massive proportions.  The state of Arizona, in order to save $50 million, is removing the services from 12,000 people they need to have any real chance of survival or success.  These people are being told that the case management, transportation, therapy, and access to brand name medication they depended too is gone.  In its place they are being given generic medication.  They are simply throwing pills at them.  In perhaps the single stupidest remark I have ever heard from a public official (and think of what wide territory that covers) one Republican leader said, “The changes are not really that dramatic.  We are still providing these people treatment.”  “Not that dramatic….”   “…these people….”  Who is he kidding??

The story says that Arizona hasnt compared the cost of services with the cost of crisis services.  In Tennessee these people are served for $750 a year.  In Texas it goes up to $4390 a year.  Arizona is probably something like that.  In Tennessee it costs 1200 a day to keep someone in the state hospital.  What is hard about the math?

The article quoted below talks about specific stories.  It doesnt really matter whether you live in Arizona or not.  Some things just shouldnt be.



Mental-health cuts: Experts fear long-term costs .

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