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Seroquel Snorters, The BPChicks are your new best friends

Posted Nov 13 2009 10:01pm 1 Comment

It hit me tonight when going over UM’s addition to a post, per her request, that….

I’m sorry. Seroquel search term searchers, I’m sorry.  You’re NOT dumb-asses. Sorry for directing my anger and frustration that I have for the drug companies, the drug reps that misrepresent these meds and the docs who push dangerous psych meds on unsuspecting patients at you.”

You probably didn’t know; and that’s why you searched.  That’s the most non dumb assed thing a person can do.

So you may have heard about something kinda easy to get for recreational use; and you searched for it.

I got to thinkin’ about it:   Most people do not know about what these meds are.  For all I know, they are all thinking, “psych med = people with ADD get adderall” or something.  Just like “anti-seizure medications treat nerve pain = pain killer” (trust me on this, they SUCK at treating nerve pain) just because anti-seizure meds are given for nerve pain does not make it a pain medication.

On your search, you landed here.

Surprise.  “These” are psych meds.  Nope, not like relaxing little benzos (Xanax, Valium etc) “These” meds you’ve heard about are the heavy hitters.  Seroquel and Zyprexaare anti-psychotics. They are also the ones that will give you some noticeable effects when taken, not just abused.  Take it from many who post/comment here, you do not have to snort seroquel to be on a “please make this hell stop now” kind of trip.  The regular effects suck; and the side effects can range from awful to horrific to chronic disease to fatal.  Stick with me here, this is not a lecture by any means. You may even begin to get why I’m so pissed off; and not at you guys.

Think back to any old psych hospital movie you’ve seen.  Straight-jackets and lobotomies.  Now those scary looking things are just  prettied up into pill form and handed out with a smile by a friendly doc. A chemical straight-jacket, a lobotomy in a pill.  Guess that explains all of our “seroquel date rape, raped on seroquel” search terms.

How come they’re so easily available?

These drugs provide some people with a nice living. Some nice perks.    These drugs are for the treatment of schizophrenia or psychosis. They also have as an effect, a debilitating stupor and unconsciousness.  :idea: $$  Medications that hit the brain so hard, as to treat psychosis, are now unlawfully/off-label (why they are not in jail is beyond me) being given to unsuspecting people who’s chief complaint is insomnia.  These are serious medications with serious side effects, not a sleeping pill.

People trust their doctors, they don’t always look this stuff up.  Imagine thinking you’re “getting a sleeping pill” and discover that you’ve been given an anti-psychotic.  (yeah, that would explain why you’ve gained 20 pounds in a month; and those mystery head wounds you received from falling while in a stupor…trying to make it to your bed) I mean really, why not just hand them a joint, lace it with PCP and not tell them doc? I swear, giving this stuff out disguised as a “harmless sleeping pill” boarders on battery; but I digress.

What about Ambien? (another search term we get a lot)

Danger ahead. This stuff is a hypnotic.  Along the line of “twilight sleep” they give you in the hospital for short procedures they don’t want you to remember.  So any fun you think you may be having while abusing ambien, you probably won’t remember; and it probably won’t be fun.  You could be hurt, get into a hell of a lot of trouble or worse.  It’s really not a good idea. If you think trying to stay awake on this stuff is a good buzz….you have never had a good buzz. Dude. Seriously.

Oh, if you were thinking of using ambien to come down from “something else” try a low dose of something safer and better known. A couple of benadryl or an old school benzo like xanax should do the trick.  Plus, this won’t cause you to walk into your neighbor’s house, eat all their food, take a shower and then fall asleep on their couch naked….and not remember how you got that way as the neighbor is standing over you with a loaded gun.

As for the other drugs people wonder about: the antidepressants, (there’s a list of the names here ) the anti-seizure meds (there’s a couple of benzo’s on this list too) and wtf? “snorting lithium” ….just don’t.  None of these things will do a thing buzz-wise; and gawd only knows wtf all is in them, (fillers etc).  The thought of anyone doing any of these  for fun scares me; and I don’t scare easily.

You can search for all sorts of experiences here. (there are other places; but that’s a good place to begin) Seroquel is mentioned and the general consensus is…it sucksass. (no foolin’, it’s seroquel)

War on drugs? What kind of fuckery is this? Prohibition creates crime.  To me, jailing a non-violent drug dealer is like jailing a bartender.  There are people doing time and taking up prison space that should be being used by child molesters (who seem to get off rather lightly.)

There are people sitting in prison for selling things not as harmful as many of these psych meds.  Dealers who were selling to people who knew exactly what they were buying and what the effects would be. There was no deception going on. There was no “anti-psychotic disguised as sleeping pill” mind fuck for profit happenin’ and there was probably no giving drugs to toddlers taking place either.

Where’s the crime? These days it seems the bad guys wear suits and white coats.

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I think this article is poorly written and fails to contribute any kind of logical arguement. A doctor will not prescribe this medication without mentioning it is classed as an anti-psychotic; this legal requirement undermines 50% of this articles content as means of negating doctors intentions to that of 'pushing popular pills'. Yet the most intrisic factor considered anti-psychotic is dopamine antagonism. which as generally prescribed for sleeping in 25mgs is not relevant. The dopamine blocking effect only occurs in high doses. I agree on your nazi style propaganda that this drug is in fact not wholistically good, but you seriously fail to recognise many points of importance. Although not universally good, it is a hell of alot better than valium, yet you refer to drugs in this class (xanax); and futhermore the most potent and destructive, as a friendly alternative. I dont really have anything to say as to furthur the education of the reader, being as it where the author expects anyone who arrives here as 'a kid trying to get high snorting anti-psychotics'. Although i would duely like to point out the fact that the person that wrote this article is a totally and utter fucking moron and lacks the intelligence to contribute to both the drug abusing and 'as prescribed' drug using world. You should be ashamed.
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