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Sept 18, 2013….life as an invitation

Posted Sep 18 2013 9:38am

Hopeworks recovery journal.

Someone once told me we are never commanded– only invited. Life he said is a series of never ending invitations. He told me how he had a terrible temper until he realized that things didnt make him mad–they only gave him an invitation to become mad. And he began to realize how many invitations to anger he really got and how many he already refused and he found power he didnt know he had. Not all invitations are the same. Some are very loud. Some are very quiet. Some are repeated time after time. Some seem to be one time events. Some are long. Some are short. Some are so clear and some are so garbled. Some we come to trust and some we are not sure we will ever trust. But the measure, the pace and the direction in life is in what we do with the invitations given. Some people only hear one invitation and because of that come to believe there are no others. And they become blind to any other possibilities. For them life becomes like the falling tree in the forest. If they dont hear can they really say it fell? Some people find in getting out of bed an invitation to gratitude. Others find only another demand to complain about. Some people find in their time with others an invitation to joy. Others find a reminder to check their wallet less they be robbed. The neat thing is that when you begin to understand this you begin to understand that you have much more to say about your life and that what you say counts. Talk about a neat invitation. Listen….Listen carefully….Perhaps it is being given to you now.

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