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separating the teaching building is nike blazers low sale a kind of a world

Posted Nov 21 2012 3:19am
Departure. This vocabulary is in extremely sad all-powerful in the third year. See the day before, the several learning bad students leave school, went into the community. I wanted to be a decision made in the case of frustration, how to pull off strong. Glowing to leave in order to avoid the examination before the weekend arrives, her back did not seem so sad, but is tall with their heads held high. She is in order to realize their dreams, hearts carries with unlimited confidence and expectations, and walking is very firm.Noon lunch break, she nike air structure triax 91 sale was carrying a huge bag, to easily wearing casual appear I vaguely sight. She pulled up from my sleep and told me to leave now, go to Shijiazhuang training camp. I suddenly wake up, feeling her eyes full of sombre light.

Zi Xin and I escaped the afternoon class, to bid farewell to her.When we are out of the school gate and saw the busy street, feeling isolated for a long time, so in the eyes of all the novelty. We simmer in school every day, it seems that the nerve almost psychotic oppressed. The coming and going of people, attitude Yueshuixiaoxiao, I think they'll never think of a wall separating the teaching building is nike blazers low sale a kind of a world completely different with them. When the sky is blue glare, I can lie in the windows, look to the sky Why so gloomy. No one passing gray pigeon drop a feather. The campus of flowers swaying in Lieyang time through the drooping head. Then withered dead. Vincent. Van Gogh, Dutch painter. One of the three great masters of post-impressionism.
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