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Seizure Last Night

Posted Jul 23 2008 12:00am

Now, before I begin, I will try and make this post as cohesive and coherent as possible. It’s going to take me a very long time to write it. I am even having some problems typing. I am slow. It may sound different in tone from what I wrote last night. In fact, maybe it does already. I do not know. I can not gauge much at the moment although I will try to write posts as I usually do.

I have responded to some emails but they were conversational. Maybe a bit easier? Personal?

The reason I am such a mess is…you could call me “Post Postictal?” Well, not really. I am still Postictal. After seizures a Postictal period can last longer than it does after the seizure itself. It or I wasn’t so bad when I wrote that short post last night.

Just to give a bit of an example, here is a brief study by Kanner et al.. If you don’t read it, the gist is that psychiatric and cognitive symptoms can occur, last and get worse over a 72 hour period. The 72 hours was the time selected for their study.

There are a few listed and of them, I have Anxiety, Neurovegetative Symptoms (basically your Autonomic Nervous System goes nuts–my stomach is doing flip flops and my pupils have a mind of their own plus some random blurriness.)  Also, Fatigue and definitely Cognitive Impairment.  I am unbelievably, cognitively fucked up! OMG, Postictal Madness!

EDIT: no doubt there are more Postictal symptoms. I am noticing that I am shaking a bit in my hands but not that much.

So..what happened?

I was working on something and I was getting a bit stressed, needed a break so I thought I’d head down to the pub for a bit.  Not long.  I wanted to get home early.  I was texting my lovely “Researcher.”  Having my second pint I texed back that I was getting way too drunk.  No, I was getting hammered!

Returned text…Hey awesome!

Moments later…panic-stricken, freaked out text back…! NOT AWESOME!!! Check all my meds for interaction with the Robaxecet I didn’t do!!! I went outside for a cigarette.  Then it all started.

Rapid eye blinking.  Jerky, twitchy, head and eye movements.  Then those spread down my body…yes…and then down off the bench I was sitting on…onto the ground.  Still a bit spazzy.  And as I wrote last night, that man was there and asked if I needed help but I said I was fine.  And was crying a bit as outbursts of emotion are not uncommon when you are Postictal.

Poor “Researcher.”  I didn’t get her call back.  I was rather busy.  Sorry, honey.  I am “otherwise engaged…” haha.  She knew though.  Of course after reading and because I didn’t answer my mobile.

The Robaxecet “…may cause seizures…”  Yeah.  When combined with alcohol and yes, of course with all of the other CNS Depressants I am on–those being my meds–even though three are Anticonvulsants.  But even if I did do any interaction check, how would I have known? There are so many things out there with warnings.  And alcohol has never been a seizure trigger for me.

EDIT: nowhere in or on the Robaxecet packaging did it say anything about seizures, only…can’t recall as it’s gone now but I think just anything sedating…that is very broad.

So we talked after I finally got my shit together and back inside with the notification of the missed call.  Ho hum.  Oh, well.  But why the hell is it not clearing from my system? Or hasn’t? I stopped taking it on Sunday.  We’re still scratching our heads over that one.  And I didn’t OD on it.  I took it as directed.

I said I would try to explain what type of seizure it was.  Or something.

Well, I think the “panic” was a hell of a lot more than just panic.  I don’t panic.  I don’t have Panic Attacks.  Anxiety, yes.  Panic Attacks, no.

EDIT: some Simple Partials can be a strong rush of emotion.

So.  Simple Partials which I have had all my life are also known as “auras.”  They can be a sign of bigger seizures to come.  Well, bigger may not be the right word but ones where you can lose consciousness so they are more dangerous.

I find it kind of interesting that after I panicked, I ran outside.  When some people get an aura it can be a signal to go somewhere more safe for the other seizure that is coming.  I don’t know.  Sometimes though, the aura can be so fast coming you don’t have time or know what hits you.  Did I know? Trying to get out of the space? Again, I don’t know but something made me fly outside fast.

At first I though it was a Secondary Generalized Seizure (spreads to all of your brain) but there seems to be some issues surrounding your consciousness levels with that one.  I seemed pretty clear.  Although somewhat altered–yes.  However, you can become altered with Simple Partials–Partials basically stay in one or a few certain sections of your brain.

So what I suspect happened was that I had a big ass Simple Partial Motor Seizure…with a bit of an emotional component thrown in just to begin the whole process.  I do remember it although it is kind of fuzzy due to being altered.  I don’t think it lasted long.  The man left so I could have asked him I guess.  I don’t know if he saw the whole thing though.

I think I was quite clear with my “Researcher.”  I can confirm with her how I was last night.

EDIT: oh…can also find out how long it took me to call her back as a time marker.

I guess that’s it then? Yes, I suppose so? I’ll go fix a cuppa, take a break and proof this a bit to see if anything’s missing.

Ah, yes.  I spoke to the folks at the pub (it’s okay I’m a regular there) and told them.  Just in case anyone else saw and went in and told them I was some blind drunk from their place.  People can mistake seizures for people being totally trashed sometimes.

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