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Second look: On a Christmas blessing

Posted Dec 18 2009 9:11am

An old post from last Christmas:

A little over 2000 years ago Jesus Christ was born- God come to be man. He came he said “to give life for all who would follow him.” When asked about the foundation of his message he said simply, “Love God with all your heart,soul, and mind and love others as you would love yourself.”

He saw past the boxes, and categories we place each other in. He didn’t just see where people fit or didn’t fit. He saw who they were. And he reached out and touched. I believe he still does today. I believe he has been there for me in ways that I do not even understand or appreciate. And I believe that part of loving others is to see past the boxes and categories and to reach out.

Anyone with a disability of any kind knows what it is like to feel like your are invisible. When Linda was having her worst times with bipolar, when days were truly life and death, I used to feel invisible. I felt like no one knew, wanted to know, or could care. I used to hate the question of “how are you doing.” It just reminded me of how alone I was. I always wondered why they had to ask. It seemed so apparent to me.

Invisibility is a kind of death. Being alive means being seen and being reached out to.

Be a blessing today on this Christmas day. See someone. Touch someone. Make tomorrow Christmas too.

It would be nice if Christmas had more than 12 days.

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