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Second look: Hope and persistence- an old mule story

Posted Jan 30 2010 5:11pm

A friend reminded me of this post tonight.  It is an old post off “In the boat”  

This story is not original from me.  If I could remember where I heard it I would be glad to give that person credit.

There was once an old mule that fell into a well.  The townspeople tried and tried to get the mule out, but in the end decided it cost too much money.  They decided to just bury it in the well and be done.

They piled dirt down on top of the mule, but he was having no part of being buried.  Every time the dirt hit his back he shook it off and stomped down on it.  Gradually the mule rose higher and higher with each succeeding pile of dirt.  He stomped down on them and raised the level of the floor in the well.  Finally much to the suprise of the towns people he walked out.  They were totally baffled.  But the mule knew the secret.  Dirt was what you make of it.  Keep climbing no matter how nasty it gets or how much dirt there is.

Kind of reminds me of another saying I heard once.  Do you know the first law of holes?  When you are in one—stop digging




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