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Rounding off or Leveling up

Posted Sep 09 2013 2:14pm
So Saturday was my birthday.

If anyone knows me they would know that I fall into a major depression around my birthday.  I've mentioned in the past that I suffer from what I consider to be a Peter Pan type complex...I don't mind anyone else around me getting older, but when it comes to me I say noooooooo!!! Not me! Why Why Why?

So yes a little melodramatic.

This year was no exception to the rule as I, as the title implies, was rounding off my number or leveling up to an unsatisfactory number in my book.  If this was indeed a Super Mario game I don't think I would be happy to get that particular mushroom.

The spousal while I was moping was unbeknownst to me planning a birthday party or rather a birthday get together.  I came home from a tiring day of running around to notice a tent in the driveway...naturally my thought process driving up to the yard went like this...

There is a tent in the yard
mild panic WHY is there a TENT IN THE YARD?
increasing panic OH DEAR GOD WHAT HAS HE DONE?

So yes, again with the melodrama.

Now truthfully I had noticed (well how could I not) notice that he was powerwashing the yard on Friday night, but it really did not register as anything more than a blip on my radar.

The sweet guy had apparently been planning for a while and even went as far as contacting my best friend (who lives in Houston btw) and asked her if she would fly in for this.

Anyway instead of lying in my bed and crying my eyes out, as I had envisioned the night to go, I was instead surrounded by friends and family and had a pretty decent time. It was a good birthday after all, and even though I'm getting older I still certainly don't intend to grow up.

Pic narfed from Google+
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