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resembles raccoon raccoon four baby cheap nike kobe 7 male cat kitten irresponsible

Posted Dec 20 2012 6:45am
Two cats of my house, a white blue-eyed long-haired Persian cat, a face, and the front and rear body the rest white flowers raccoon Shorthair, the former name eye, the latter name tanuki raccoon, a few years ago after another after the death of Jin box buried in the little garden. In front of only warily Pafu to stare I spent civet cats, resembles a raccoon ah! How it does not run away? Ah, I see - I found four kittens behind it, it is clear that its children, probably not weaned, as a mother, it can not leave the kittens escape. I was more surprised that several kittens, two white, one covered with flowers raccoon hair, the same as the one with nike air penny 5 sale the mother body in addition to the flower the raccoon hair there white part, which indicates that their father should be a white male cat, yeah, do all the eye eye and raccoon raccoon resurrection and marriage, this gave birth to the offspring do?

I carried it quietly foot off small garden around to the other side into the den, and immediately call the town, told the wife saw visions, she was thrilled: "how light you see tanuki raccoon? Eye it?" I told her said: "tanuki raccoon eye eye should also rest in peace, you do not forget, they are male cats must only resembles the male cat eye, gave birth to a female cat with this resembles raccoon raccoon four baby cheap nike kobe 7 male cat kitten irresponsible as early as I do not know where to go, only a mother cat with cat baby home in that small garden. however, the coincidence was really mysterious! "his wife lamenting immediately gave me a few instructions: "They do not scare away! Do not clean the garden! they are prepared to immediately go to the cat litter, cat food and drinking water basin" I will soon put into practice, it is gratifying to see my goodwill mother cat not transfer with a cat baby.
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