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Prozac and bipolar meds? Bad or good?

Posted by Raven928

i know that prozac, causes rage but can it be controlled if taken with bipolar medication. i am bipolar and not on medication for it.  i have also heard that mixing prozac and bipolar meds such as abilifly is a bad idea. i am only taking prozac for anxiety and depression. The reason i ask is because the rage is too much of a hassle to stay on prozac.
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I am diagnosed as bipolar and I take Lamictal for mood stabilization. Since the Lamictal can bring me down, I take Prozac as well. In mixing the two of them together, I find that they each compliment the other very nicely. The Lamictal keeps me even, and the Prozac keeps my baseline happiness level where it should be. I also take Ativan (a benzodiazepine) for those moments when I am losing control and need an instant "chill pill". If I were you, I would talk to your doctor about trying this combination, or one close to it. I know not all people are the same and there are so many variables... but, this concoction took me a year to figure out and you have the bipolar, depression, and anxiety that these meds are targeted to help. I think it's worth a try at it, especially if what you are doing now isn't helping.
I take the exact same thing, because I have Bipolar II and OCD, but I take Ativan every night so that I can sleep.
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