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Post-concussion Syndrome

Posted Feb 17 2013 12:00am

Due to what happened written on February 11, 2013 I now have this.  Up there.  In the subject line.

It is making everything to due with my epilepsy worse.  As a matter of fact, it may be making some of my comorbidities worse too.  ADD, Asperger’s.  Maybe even my PTSD but…? Oh, fuck.  Just add it.  My emotions are screwed, so why not??

So’s my stomach.  So’s everything.  Migraines? Fine.  That too.

I cannot believe the state I am in.  However, there are brief occasions where I do laugh.  That is because some things I do are beyond comprehension.  Actually meaning, beyond comprehension of things I have already done and do, being as insane as I am, despite this little problem.

I don’t know when I’ll be back.  In any form.  Anywhere.

I don’t know anything right now.

Except it’s time to take some Advil and Gravol.

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