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Pharmaceuticals- The new tobacco companies: an idea from a friend

Posted Nov 13 2010 6:17am

My friend Dennis Dodson sent me an idea that I thought deserved more discussion. This is my version of it and apologies to Dennis if I mess any of it up.

What if pharmaceuticals were treated as as the new tobacco companies?

What if a law suit was filed by a state alleging that:

1. That many psychotropic drugs cause untold medical complications.
2. That this is well documented and the pharmacy companies are aware of it.
3. That they have tried to alter or hide information that proved that and thus engaged in deceptive practices.
4. They have used other unethical means to market their products which has also been well proven.
5. These practices have caused medical, legal, and social consequences that unfairly have fallen on the states to pay which have reduced their ability to meet other needs.
6. That pharmaceuticals should have to pay a penalty to the states (much as tobacco companies have) to help pay for that cost.
7. That some portion of that penalty be specified for funding for non pharmaceutical based mental health services.

What do you think?

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