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Party Game Ideas For Your Kid's Birthday Party

Posted Mar 22 2013 12:52pm
Catching cheap Bills Customized jersey and keeping the interest of a room full of twenty young children can be tricky, so it's best to come up with some party game ideas before you organize your child's party. Below are a few options to keep the kids amused.Balloon Booty - Prior to the party put some wrapped candy into some balloons and then fill the balloons with air. Then take another batch of balloons and fill them up halfway with water. Mix up all the balloons, place them into a fishing net, and hang off a tree branch. When it's time to play the game, line the kids up. The cheap Broncos Customized jersey first child steps up, is blindfolded, and spun around. Then give the child a make-shift spear to stab at the balloons. When one is popped, that child will get either a little shower or a balloon that has candy. Game will continue until everyone has had a turn.Pin The Tail On The Donkey - Hang a large donkey poster onto a wall. Have all the kids line up. The first child steps up to be blindfolded, spun around, and given a donkey "tail" that has double-stick tape on the back. Aim the child towards the donkey and let him or her try to pin the tail closest to where it belongs. This is a game that is easily adapted to various themes. For example, it could be Pin the Bow to Hello Kitty, or Pin the Torch on the Statute of Liberty.Statues - When the music plays everyone dances. When the music stops, cheap Jaguars Customized jersey it's time to freeze. Anyone caught moving when the music isn't playing shall be out of the game. The winner will ultimately be the last person who remains in the game.Musical Chairs - Create a circle of chairs that are facing outwards in the middle of the room. There should be one fewer chairs than there are children. Start playing music and have the children walk around the chairs as the music plays. When the music stops playing, all the children must try to sit down upon a chair. The child who is unable to secure a chair, shall be out of the game. Remove one chair every round and repeat this process until there are just two children left. The one who is able to sit down upon the final chair when the music stops, shall be the winner. To add a little variation, instead of having the kids just walk around the chairs for each round, mix it up with various actions. For example, have them skip, hop, jump, run if you dare, sing, etc.Egg And Spoon Race - This is a good game to play outdoors if the weather is nice, as the kids need plenty of space to run. This also means that you will be able to use raw eggs without worrying about the mess! Designate a starting line and a finishing cheap Vikings Customized jersey line. The object of the game is for the children to balance their egg on a spoon and walk/run to the finish line without dropping their egg. Remember to instruct the kids to only balance and hold the egg on the spoon using one hand. They are not allowed to cup/hold the egg onto the spoon to keep it from falling off. To mix this game up a bit and offer some fun options. For example, you could place some obstacles in the yard that the children must walk and maneuver around or you could run the game as a relay race.
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