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Out And About Last Night

Posted Nov 18 2007 12:00am

I saw P. from our spring hospital stay last night. We met last weekend and he really wanted to keep the contact up and I am certainly fine with that. We had dinner and went to see a movie. The dinner was great but the movie was absolutely awful!

We went to go see “Lions for Lambs.” Now I positively forbid all of you to see it! It’s about the U.S. war in Afghanistan and the plot is easy enough to follow etc… but as you are watching and waiting for something to actually happen, it just ends! P. and I were…huh?

Good grief.

P. has found an OCD support group to attend. Support groups really aren’t my thing but I was definitely pleased for him as he sounded really enthusiastic about it. I asked him if he wanted me to go with him. After all, it is a “support” group, right? He said to me that he was thinking about asking me but he wasn’t sure what I would say or if I would be interested.

Oh, I just about died on the spot. Of course I would go! He’s such a sweet guy and I would do anything to help him.

It meets once weekly in the evenings and I’m not sure if he’s going to start this week or not but I’ve cleared my calendar (like it’s that busy haha) so I can attend.

I think it might be interesting, though. I’m not sure. Like I said, support groups are not my thing… Well, I guess I’ll find out.

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