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Optimism for the iPhone and iPod: An Unusual Announcement

Posted Apr 06 2010 5:59am

Mood Chart iPhone App

I started this blog in 2007, about a year before we released our first Optimism app. Since then a lot of RSS and email subscribers have signed up, many in expectation of update announcements. Sorry. There have been plenty of announcements, but not on the blog.

Well here is something to shout about. Last week we released our first app for the iPhone and iPod Touch! With zero creative flair, we named it Optimism.

The new Optimism is a free data capture app to use with the Windows, Mac and web versions. It is simply a convenient way to enter records into the other apps, without firing up the computer or logging in online.

If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about then let me explain.

Optimism is a group of applications that we’ve developed over the last few years. They are mostly used in managing mood disorders like depression and bipolar, but also for other illnesses, and as straight self-help tools.

In a nutshell the applications help a person discover what causes their mood swings, the warning signs of a decline in their health, and strategies to help them remain well. It does this using a “feedback loop”, in the form of charts and reports, which point the person to patterns of cause and effect.

Optimism Mood Chart App Main Menu

Here are some links for the new app Optimism for iPhone / iPod home page
Optimism for iPhone / iPod user guide
Optimism iTunes listing

We are also well advanced in developing an online interface for other mobile phones and portable devices. Another announcement soon!

If you don’t already receive our newsletter about the apps then feel free to sign up using the form in the footer.

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