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Opportunity and deprivation

Posted May 31 2011 1:05pm

It seems to me that much of how I am doing at any particular moment in life has to do with my perception of the balance between opportunity and deprivation in my life.

When the most important thing is what I cant do, what I cant have I tend to feel cheated, and let down. I assume that the next attack is coming soon and find myself running on anxiety, fear, and resentment. Not only do I take things personal. I make things personal. You know if you feel bad enough everything seems about you. You find yourself solving problems by making bigger ones and resenting those who seem to have such an easy time in life.

When opportunity is the focus I find myself being grateful for what I have, being hopeful about what is to come. Strangely enough things are really not about me. I enjoy things for themselves. Difficulty, problems and such become much easier to tolerate and you even begin to find that problems offer the opportunity for things learned and to grow as a human being.

I think opportunity has two sides also. It is not only the opportunity to get, but the opportunity to give. I think we find more of a sense of our importance in knowing we have something worth giving than in anything else. Many people with mental health issues get told many times in many ways that nothing they have to give really matters to those around them. And living with that loss brings as much pain and scars the soul as much as anything else.


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