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One solution to the problem of prescription drug abuse. Time for Tennessee to act

Posted Nov 27 2012 9:52am

Prescription drug abuse is a nightmare in Tennessee.  The effects are beyond count or reckoning.  The human misery attached to it in one way or another is astounding.  The state is trying to marshal what resources it has to address the issue in a comprehensive fashion, but still barely a cup of water has been taken from this ocean of misery.  Part of the problem is that resources to match needs simply dont exist.  In Knoxville, if you dont have the right kind of insurance, you are still talking months of wait simply to get into a program that can offer you safe medical detoxification.  The article linked below offers an answer.  It has already been on this blog once but I thought it was so important that I needed to repost it with this addendum.

It says the technology exists to make drugs like oxycontin less dangerous, the pharmacy companies know about it, and the government knows about it and still nothing is being done or will be done until enough public pressure is placed to make it happen.  The pharmacy companies dont want to endanger their profit levels.  The government doesnt want to make the pharmacy companies mad.  The people who can help to defuse the bomb simply refuse to do so (please read the article). 

In the past states have sued companies whose products hurt the citizens of their state.  Tobacco companies come to mind, but there are also recent examples of states suing pharmaceutical companies for trying to convince doctors to use neuroleptics for uses they are not approved for. IT IS TIME TO TAKE IT A STEP FARTHER.  Tennessee is in a major public health emergency.  Almost every family has been touched either directly or indirectly.  If the companies that have the technology to qualitatively lessen the dangers their products  provide to the citizens of this state this state refuse to use this technology Tennessee should insist that they pay some of the costs of the damages they have helped to create.  Sue.  Take legal action.  Money talks and as the author of the article points out it is listened to much more than we are.

Send copies of this article to your legislator.  Ask them what they can do to stop the slaughter in Tennessee.


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