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ON the single greatest act of violence towards poor people, people with disabilities, people with serious or chronic illness in

Posted May 12 2012 1:18am

Disclaimer-  I am going to make some people mad and you might be one of them.  If you have difficulties with getting mad you might want to stop for a minute and think about whether or not you want to go and read the rest of  this post.



I am going to vote for Barack Obama.  It is not because I dont have any disagreements with or questions about him.  I do and some of them are very serious.  I just dont think this country deserves a Republican president.  That has little to do with Mitt Romney by the way.  It has much more to do with what it has come to mean to be a Republican.

Tennessee is a Republican state and my vote for Barack Obama will not change the result of anything.  But I have decided that voting for Obama is the only way I can vote for me.

IF a Republican president is elected the Ryan budget will probably be passed.  I believe it to potentially be the single greatest act of violence towards poor people, people with disabilities, and people with serious or chronic illness in American history.  It eviscerates most of the points of access to help that many of our most vulnerable citizens depend on.  It does not change the way they get help.  It will change most centrally whether they get help or not.

People who have felt like they lived on the edge of the cliff for years as state budgets for helping services get less and less each year will find out there has been an earthquake and there is no cliff to stand on.  It is a little like saying we need to fix the Titanic before it sinks but we have to throw all the people in the water first in order to start working on it.

This budget will create a permanent class of disposable people.  People who cost too much will find out they simply must do without.  In the end we will decide that there are certain people who are just not worth helping and if they die– well they die.  It is not just an act of violence towards a class of people.  It is an act of violence on the moral fabric of this country.  It will be difficult to take seriously the claims of righteousness of people whose model of health care reform is Scrooge.

The true measure of any health care reform is rather of not it reduces the amount of sick people.  I hear so much about the cost of health care services or health care reform, but so little about the cost doing without health.  It is a conversation I would like to hear more about.

Take it serious.  The Ryan budget can and will happen if Romney is elected.  And the results will be catastrophic for so many people.

In the end though dont vote for Obama or Romney.  Vote for yourself.  I know I will.

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