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ON framing the terms of debate: Are the mentally ill capable of responsible behavior?

Posted Dec 16 2010 7:46pm

The reason so many people fall through the cracks is that there are so many cracks. I dont understand why that is so hard to understand.

If you listen to the people from the treatment advocacy center they will tell you that the primary problem with the mental health system is the inability of those with mental illness to act responsible and make good choices about the help they need. Their answer is simple. Do not allow them to choose. Legally prescribe what is good for them and what they need.

Normally the prescription has something to do with taking medication or being placed in a placement away from the real world “for their own good.”
The underlying assumption is that the riddle of what people need and what really helps has been solved and the only problem is that some people just dont accept the answer. The problem with the system is the people being served and not the inadequacy of the way they are served.

One of the best ways to drive this home is through the use of fear. And those people who believe in the containment of the mentally ill are absolutely superb in the creation and nurturance of that fear. In the end a system which horribly fails to meet the human needs of the people it serves defends itself by blaming those human needs for its failure.

In the end people without people die and no amount of medication can cure that.

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