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ON falling skies

Posted Nov 05 2010 5:37am

Have you ever thought the skies were falling and it was so bad that when you woke up in the morning you would probably be dead? I have. Most people I know have.

I do something… Or I see something being done that just takes my anxiety and sends it through the roof. And I become convinced that the damage or threat of damage is so real and so strong and so indisputably true. There are no options to look for, nothing else to do because the truth of disaster seems so totally true. I either become frantic and run around being frantic. Or I numb out, curl up and unfeel it away. In the process whatever is bad, gets worse and catastrophe seems validated by the “evidence” and life becomes a terribly scary, painful, assaultive, destructive place to be.

Typically I believe everything is messed up and it is messed up forever and everything is falling directly on my head and the options are to run or hide. Later I wake up to find out I am not dead. And the process of coming back begins.

Beware of reports of falling skies. Misery is almost always convincing. It is very seductive for most people. I am not really sure why. There are bad things….really, really bad things, but distrust reports of total unmitigated disaster. Chicken Little was wrong.

When you wake up in the morning odds are high you will be alive.

  1. How much of a problem is catastrophizing for you?
  2. How much does fear and anxiety control the ways you see things?
  3. Why is is hard for you to doubt bad news?
  4. What are the consequences of fear and anxiety in your life?
  5. What can you do or say to put your fears on hold?
  6. How often do you hear people talk about “falling skies?”
  7. What do you say to them? What would you like to have people say to you?

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