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ON dealing with depression: Dont believe it- be suspicious

Posted Oct 24 2010 12:56pm

This is the first part of what will hopefully be a recurring feature on this blog–dealing with depression.  It is such a major issue with so many people I know and such an important issue in my life that this series seems like a good thing with the potential to be helpful in many ways.  If you have ideas that you would like to share I would be delighted to hear them.

Dont believe it- be suspicious

Depression is in some ways a way to see the world.  It tells you what it true, why it is true and that there is little you can do about it.  It is seductive and attempts to wrap you in a web from which there is no escape.  In the end you become comfortable with it and its truths seem so obvious there seems little point to question it or argue with it.

Ambivalence is the enemy of depression.  Dont be so sure.  Nurture doubt.

I have had to learn the hard way not to believe.  Things, I’ve learned are not true because they feel true or seem true— no matter how much they seem true.  I try to keep an active repository of memories of the times I have acted on what “felt obviously true” only to find out later it most certainly is not.

I think you must prepare to dispute depression or it will take you  by suprise and you will find yourself in places  that later you dont understand how you got there.  Use better times to prepare for worse times.  Dont rely on trying harder to get out of the depression.  It doesnt work.  But try to make it easier to try.  Know the lies of depression.

  • Everything is messed up or is being messed up.
  • It is messed up forever.
  • It is so messed up you cant cope or there is no point trying.

All of these lies can and do paralyze and leave you hopeless and immobilized.  Know your answers before you have to fight the battle.

But there is even a bigger lie.  Depression has an insatiable appetite.  At its worse it tries to tell you that not only is it real, but that is all that is real.  When you start to believe that you are no longer in a hole.  You become the hole.

Dont believe it.  Your feelings are real.  Depression is real.  But they are not all that is real or all that matters.  And that is perhaps the real battle for life and death.

How much of this is a battle for you?  What do you do to dispute the claims of depression that it is the total truth?

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