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Oh this does not bode well

Posted Aug 24 2008 12:00am

The spawn is obsessed with her weight. She has taken to exercising so that she could sit on me. I always tell her that she is too heavy to sit on me and to tell the truth she is eighty-five pounds of very solid mass and it is a bit much at times. I did not however mean for her to feel as if she is needs to lose weight, yes I feel very badly now. She is by no means overweight and is actually within the range that she should be for her height.

Trinidadians are quite the rude bunch and even if they are themselves grossly overweight love to comment upon other people's. In fact the most common greeting even before hello is "where you going with all that weight?" it is as annoying as all hell. People have commented on how much spawn eats, her uncle has stated that he would rather clothe her than feed her. She's an active child she must eat, what with gymnastics, school, PE, swimming, she must eat to sustain her energy. Of course this means that she eats like a construction worker but she is burning it off so no worries.

She is not safe at school either, her class is unnaturally obsessed with size and weight as well, which does not make things any easier. Why are nine year olds so obsessed? Is it the television? Should I blame Disney Channel? Bratz? That class and I do mean her class more than any of the others in the school, all they think of is fashion and weight. It is disturbing.

Children's psyches are so delicate, I would hate for her to have a distorted body image and then spiral into taking measures to ensure that she stays model skinny to live up the the images splashed across magazines, movies, billboards and the like. Some serious damage control has to be done and it has to start with me.

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