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Oh insomnia...

Posted Jan 12 2010 7:23pm
I am tired. I think I would like to sleep. However, sleep is not playing nice and cooperating with me at the moment. Not cool. I took two vicodin for my headache deal I've been having, and you'd think that would sufficiently make me sleepy and druggy to pass out, but All I can do is lay in bed and have my brain go zip zip zip zip zeeeee dooo around. My joints can't keep still, it's like I have bugs or sand in them (if that makes any sense, I don't think it does, but for some reason this is the most appropriate description I have at the moment). So I am going to read and study my book, "Molecular Neuropharmacology - A Foundation for Clinical Neuroscience". This is fun for me. I would rather read this than hang out with half-assed people that aren't true friends. Which brings me to the topic I have been pondering for a while... and the fact I really don't like people in general. Hmm. I won't go into that rant right now. I'm going to read.

Peace out yo.

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