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Now I know why cats have 9 lives

Posted Nov 17 2008 8:58pm


Up until last night she was sick, groggy, wouldn't let me near her, just wanted to sleep on my bed.

I went out to the local diner to meet up with some friends from out of town, and came home to a miracle. A MIRACLE!

The food dish was half full of kibble. The water bowl was empty. And the litter box- well, let's just say it was full. How so much poop can come out of a little cat, i don't know. But if there was ever an award for the cat who made the most poo, she would get an Olympic Gold.

And best of all, she was playing and running around the house, met me when I opened the door, rubbed up against my legs and did her happy kitty dance.

Right now she is snoozing on my lap as i type. Six am is too early to be awake if you are a cat.

Thank you all for your love and support . She is my best friend, and I am blessed to have her. and I am blessed to have such great readers.

Definitely back to Mental Health issues now, and no more about Holly.

In the mean time, let me dance around the apartment to the tune of "Happy Happy Joy Joy!". I would post the video, but it's been taken off of You Tube. (Ren and Stimpy. Great cartoon).
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