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Nothing in roshe run cheap order to forget the gloomy yesterday tedious

Posted Nov 28 2012 8:23am
Do you have a pair of eyes of God, dressed clean and simple, clear and carefully, all the time to show your spirit gas, and forever God, your eyes your body is not good, but often the children come to see you, you are God's eyes tell the kids, I'm fine, everything is okay no one can see you sad, because you have only one pair of eyes of God!Oh, my dear, my grandfather, I look in your eyes in the photo, but will forever fixed in the moment where Grandpa, look in your eyes, no longer my tracks!Destined to have a get together, partakers will be each nike free 5.0 v4 cheap other's eyes, everyone feelings of everyone! Had in the dead of night, the thought of leaving, choose another country. But by contrast, I like this world. Here are my beloved relatives, best friends, there are neither friends nor lovers but more than anything the girl .

The night is long, the road is long, I see that I do not say good. Sun always Dongsheng goes down, it will not be because someone or something l West East fall. So a cycle of the earth, will not change ...One wants to catch the Red, Do not be afraid of the injuries may not be able to complete the reincarnation of the previous life, but the waiting is good, just happy, really everything enough. Nothing in roshe run cheap order to forget the gloomy yesterday tedious the Red, is the most simple.I chat with her sweetest habit. Two people to each other heart excavation, with the long and arduous journey. Every night, Shino silence, only himself and her hand in the roaming information barricaded the bridge, not to mention Wanshou couple romantic, but also a taste of happiness .Some people for life without regret, because they really have been caught up .Sunset sky guardian belated her forever.
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