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Not to be traded warcraft suggested a kobe Bryant: this year will be into the playoffs

Posted Feb 23 2013 3:51am
this should be Tony - Douglas." LinShuHao (micro bo) said, "the feeling is very strange, I was too young, still is not very used to this season in the middle of the business. For the 31-year-old delfino speaking, his career after has four teams, all these already inured to the weird. "Life is so, like I this season as AdiZero Rose 3.0 playing time. At first I was on the bench the main players, can play a lot of time. Then there was a time I gets less play time. Now I suddenly became the team starts the power forward. Of course, I'll do anything for the team victory."Delfino said, the rockets in training discussed in the defensive end need to make changes, "some change is temporary, because our new signings are yet to come. I need in Robinson came to the team and adapt to the role to fill the vacancy before." Before the season, the rockets have trading to all-star James haddon, but haddon said he trading is before the season is not very big, so to adapt to the problem. And this was sent away 4 player is in the middle of the transaction, they face more difficulties. "I deal in the season before, I have to adapt to the whole season." Haddon said, "but these AdiZero Crazy Light 2 guys are medium-term off. They need from a have stayed very comfortable team suddenly to a strange place, all of the environment has changed, they must be hard to adapt." "Our biggest challenge is defense." Haddon added, "we are a team can score, but can win thunder, and our last time there is a great relationship between defensive intensity. Patterson left after that, the rockets Lithuania center morty jonas kazlauskas will get more chances, he and I said, this is he has been waiting for the chance. "I played for the rockets summer league, to participate in the training camp. I'm in the team have been trying to, now I am happy my chance. I very thank Patrick in time for me to help him, he is off the field are help me, this is my most sad place, this is the NBA."Trade deadline finally passed, just like the lakers AdiZero Rose 2.0 general manager mitch kupchak said that, Dwight Howard is not trading. In today's training, Howard seems to have hinted that he would stay with the lakers in the long term. A reporter in training today interview ask Howard, he will be how to measure yourself playing a high screen and roll and low to attack the ball, Howard said: "I'll weigh the good, it is our target. The players have to trust me, can be in low to help the team, and I want to do is not only a threat in the low post, but also in the low position outside have good performance. "You know, it's just me in the lakers in the first year, I haven't found before the magic that comfortable position, let me can read each other's Cheap Kobe 8 attack and defense. And I need to change, as in Orlando as." Howard the next this words let reporters a interest: "I think we still have time to progress, we still have the chance to play together for many years. This is a learning process. All this seems to suggest that the lakers this season will move towards a better direction.In Howard suggested that stay before, kobe Bryant told the sports illustrated "interview, said that the team win over the celtics a confidence after this year, the team will be to the playoffs. "For us, the playoffs is not a problem. We can do that." Kobe Bryant (micro bo) said, "once in the playoffs, no any opponent will hope to touch us. We won't be afraid to encounter any rivals, whether thunder, the spurs or the nuggets, we are not afraid of the opponent." "I said is we, is the lakers, not just I personally don't fear opponent. Our team is very
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