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Not so fabulous

Posted Sep 19 2013 6:56pm

So I have been home since last Tuesday now or less. I say more out less because sorting that time there have been trips to the doctor, an MRI and an appointment made to see a physiotherapist.

Remember way back in January when I fell and got diagnoses with cervical spondylosis? Yeah so apparently that means that I should avoid doing silly things like lifting heavy boxes and the like... Guess who did not get that memo?

So yes super woman here, although her husband was within shouting and helping distance decided to take it upon herself to look for some notes she needed to take to a friend. Did not feel anything at first but did notice a slight popping sound everytime I looked down or to the side, which I did comment upon to a couple of people as I thought it a bit strange. By Tuesday I was in pain which only got worse over time. But in an entirely uncharacteristic move I went immediately to see the doctor. He gave me a hundred dollar shot in the ass on top of his regular visit fee and sent me on my way with sick leave and a prescription. That hundred dollar shot in the ass which he said was so much more powerful than any other painkiller I could get over the counter did nothing  for that pain. 

I'm supposed to be wearing a soft collar and lying down and not looking down. I have mostly been playing musical collar.. Now its on, now its not. The one night I managed to sleep through the night with it on, I woke up with the headache that Satan spawned. So yes that has been going swimmingly.

My doctor who I love for his brutal honesty or as I call it his drama queeness has informed me that should physio not work I may have to be referred to a neurosurgeon.... Not on my life, no sir, I'll just keep this pain shall I. I reserve the right not to be put under the knife again for anything. At any rate be does not just want me to be swallowing painkillers (that are really not doing much) add it would be bad for me in the long run. I say just stop with the pansy tablets and give me a shot of morphine already! Sadly he has not been compliant

I at this point cannot imagine what a few of my friends who suffer from things so much worse than I have must be going through. My heart goes out to them and all those who suffer from chronic pain. I'm now a member of that club, the chronic pain club but I know that while physio could probably help me out some there are those out there who continue to suffer. Not that I am trying to downplay my own pain, cause good knows that I have been to the point of tears over the past week or so but I still recognise that the are people who have it worst than I do and is only at times like this are you truly able to empathise

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