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not considered an illness by some

Posted Feb 19 2010 8:33am 1 Comment
People with mental illness are not considered to have an illness like others with illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, ms, or any other severe illnesses.  Instead, we are most often labeled as freaks, outsiders, homeless people on streets, criminals who commit unspeakable crimes and a liability to our society.  Most people donn't realize that there are mentally ill people out there that are highly intelligent, functioning, and living the the life of everybody else.  The only difference is they have to always be aware of what is going on with the illness inside their brain.  Sometimes they can do things that can help control it, sometimes they know they have to be hospitalized to have it 'adjusted'.  Lack of education on others part and the way media depicts mentally ill does no favors to those of us who suffer from this illness.  Sure there are times when it gets out of our control and we need help from people who are experts in the mental field, and the medication doesn't take all the pain of mental illness away, but it does make it bearable and managable when we are treated.  But get educated and donn't label us, we're sick.  Get it , sick!  Just like anyone else that has an illness.  The one thing we would ask from society is to get educated about mental illness and to begin to understand and accept us as part of society in a positive way.  One of the things that hurts us most is our feeling of isolation.
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100% thumbs up to you! 

I agree...we dont even have a special awareness ribbon! There is a light green ribbon we have to share with other causes and its only relevance to bipolar is that one of the awarenesses of the light green color is mental illness.  

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